• YaXin Technology Co., Ltd.  have owned Professional factory produce chemicals according to clients' requirement.
    Our customers are from Asia, North America, Middle East, Africa etc, We welcome your various inquiries about our products, To guarantee the quality of the products, exert own advantage, our company set a very strict standard to ensure a very good quality of our products. The quality system runs through the layout of workshops and supporting facilities, from equipment to technological process, from organization structure to personal management.
    Our products are Including the different kind of pharmacetutical intermedia (Bulk drugs/ Piperidine series/ Indole series/ Chiral series/ Pyrrolidine series/ Benzene ring class/ Pyridine series/ Heterocyclic series etc.
    YaXin Technology Co., Ltd would like to establish a good business relationship with all customers all over the world, challenging the world to cr...

    Add: 801-805 Room Bulding A, Rizhongtianchuang new science and Technology Park,Tianshan Street, Shijiazhuang City, Hebei Province.
    Contact Person:Mr Kuang
    Skype: yaxinmedicine
    E-mail: sales@yaxinmedicine.com
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